Family Ministries

The church and the community is a comprised of families as diverse as flavors of ice cream.  The challenges of life places tremendous strain on the health of family members and can have negative and harmful effects on each member.


Healthy families require expressions of love in all its varying forms, through communication, quality time, gifts, acts and togetherness.  Most of all healthy families need God, for God is love, and He gives love freely and helps each one of us express love if we let Him and make a dedicated effort to give love.

Maranatha Family Ministries places a strong emphasis on nurturing healthy relationships; encourages the use of biblical principles in building relationships; and supports positive, well-rounded, traditional and modern families pursue a love relationship with God as the core.


We have an abundance of ministries focused on supporting individuals as you grow in Christ and as a family.  Come experience these ministries for yourself…

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   Maranatha Eagles (Local)
   Pathfinders (Worldwide)
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