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AdventistGiving allows you to return your tithe and give your offerings online while you do your online banking, are on a long business trip, on vacation, or even if you are unable to attend church due to an illness. But most important of all, if you desire to give back to the Lord all of your firstfruits as soon as you have them, you can do it immediately through AdventistGiving.

You will need to set-up an account initially with AdventistGiving (select a user name and password) to access this feature. Then each time you want to give, just click on the icon above to go to the login page. AdventistGiving is formatted just like your tithe envelope and you can select all the same areas to give to. It is very easy to do.

In Person

To give during any of our worship gatherings simply use the envelope provided for cash or credit or make a check payable to ” Maranatha Seventh-Day Adventist Church”

Maranatha Seventh-Day Adventist Church
3121 Jim Lee Road
Tallahassee, FL 32301

By Mail
You can mail a check made out to:

Maranatha Seventh-Day Adventist Church
P.O. Box 5706
Tallahassee, FL 32314