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Pastor’s Message

The recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic challenges that have recently plagued our nation; have arrested the attention of many people who are now uncertain about the future. Many questions about what lies ahead are going unanswered, as people search for truth and assurance.

We at Maranatha are pleased to share with you that we have good news in these challenging and uncertain times. No matter what the future holds, there is hope in Jesus. Even though troubles arise in our lives we can be certain that Jesus is always with us: guiding, protecting, providing, healing, and restoring. This is why we can have a sense of security in turbulent times; because the master of the universe is on our side and is working on our behalf.

We have nothing to fear as it relates to tomorrow, we have been given a promise from heaven that everything will be ok. Deuteronomy 31:6 tell us that we should be strong and courageous; and that we should not fear, because God has said that He will never abandon us, never leave us alone. That is great news! Let us continue to place our trust in God, He has promised He will see us through.


Pastor & Mrs Andre Mcloud

Senior Pastor Maranatha SDA Church