– Pastor and Mrs. Andre McColud

These times we live in are filled with fear and uncertainty. So much has occurred recently which call into question the safety and security. Our once peaceful existence has been disrupted. Where do we go from here? We at Maranatha are pleased to share with you that no matter how tough times may be or how frightening these times may seem; there is hope for all of us. We put our trust in a dependable and trustworthy God in the person of Jesus Christ. Soon Christ will return for His people. He has pledged to sustain us until He returns. We invite you to join us in that hope. Consider Isaiah 41:10. “Fear not, I am with you. “Be not dismayed, I am your God. “I will strengthen you… I will uphold you…” We invite you to be aware of the times but never fret. Lean on the Lord. Come study with us and see for yourself that those who trust Christ have no cause worry or to fear.